Bertha Magoge

Bertha has joined Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA) from the 1st April 2018. IESA is an NGO, which has for the past 21 years, been involved in promoting meaningful participation in education for all children in South Africa.

Bertha holds a Bachelor of Social Work Honors degree and has an immense passion for children issues for which she has been dedicated over the past 19 years of her professional career. She has worked regionally across the Sub-Saharan African countries (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho and South Africa) on child programming, policies, and advocacy for vulnerable and orphaned children.

“I come to IESA with a deep understanding of the challenges to this sector. I am passionate & knowledgeable about the key challenges facing children in general, especially vulnerable children and believe in a work ethic that promotes the development of strong and lasting partnerships that aim to create a different reality for the children. I believe that ‘it is only when we work to complement one another that we can together, enable children to realize their rights…and to realize them now!'”