The Motheo District

IESA is partnering with 36 schools in the Moteo District to support them as they start their journey towards becoming inclusive schools.  The initial focus will be on strengthening school based structures (The SMT and SBST) to understand their roles in implementing inclusive policy and practice at the school, as well as supporting Foundation Phase teachers to develop good inclusive teaching pedagogy.  

IESA will follow a multi model approach using face-to-face workshops, mentoring and coaching meetings as well as PLCs to achieve this.  Inter school PLCs will promote sharing of experiences and strategies between colleagues from different schools with different challenges and solutions.  The goal of the first 5 months of the inclusive schools work with the 36 schools is to introduce the schools to Inclusive education, set up the PLCs and work on building a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.  We will begin the learning process to develop improved school based support structures and teacher skills to teach to diversity.  The overall goal of the project i.e. to strengthen the schools as inclusive schools will be realised after continued intervention in 2018.