A heart of Gold and Wings like an Angel

Our first story celebrating teachers day is from Berdien Tenten, who pays tribute to her daughters teacher, Madri Steyn.

“Our little princess Yeva was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome in November 2014. It was a super difficult task to get a nursery in Paarl that would be excited about her, just as we were, as well as for her future. I had to dress her up and showed her off to about 9 nurseries. One school opened their doors and heart. But the school was not equipped for her situation and with sad hearts we had to leave after a year BUT during this time a nursery school in Paarl, Kinderark Val de Vie, said that they are willing to get educated, trained and open their school doors to take kids in with different needs…we took…we grab the opportunity. Little did we know that we will start a relationship with a teacher that has a heart of gold and wings like an angel….Madri Steyn. 

Kinderark Val de Vie based in Paarl

Little did we know that we will start a relationship with a teacher that has a heart of gold and wings like an angel….Madri Steyn. She loved Yeva from the start….with her shortcomings and challenges. She believes in Yeva like we do, she uplifts Yeva, she cuddles her, she teaches her, she guides her, she motivates her, she loves her….She is so positive about her future and shares our hopes and dreams. She works together with our therapist and always are keen to learn more. Her heart flows over to her personnel and we can see how caring and loving everyone in the school is towards Yeva…just accepting her for who she is….a princess!!!

A help to the family when needed…Madri Steyn!

Where would you find someone that would love your child and care for your princess/prince nearly as much as you do….we did find someone and her name is Madri! I wish I could bottle her and take her along our journey forever but we know that is not reality….but we can hope and believe that her way of life will be paid forward to someone else….someone that will see the hope in children that have a different route but the same destination. Madri we salute you because your heart is one in a million and we want to honor you for that! Greatest teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Madri seated with Yeva in class.
IESA wishes to thank the Tenten family for opening up their hearts and sharing a part of their journey with us.  If you, like the Tenten family, would like to pay tribute to a school or teacher during the month of October, please click here or contact natalie@included.org.za