Inclusive Schools Programme: Strengthening Support for Learning in the Eastern Cape – Grahamstown District

Funded by The Vestas Empowerment Trust

IESA is part of a consortium working to improve outcomes for learners in 19 schools in the Grahamstown District of the Eastern Cape, funded by Vestas Empowerment Trust.

Our inclusive schools project in the district seeks to strengthen the learning environment so that as many children as possible can be supported to learn and can access a meaningful education. Our programme objectives in this context involve developing an understanding of Inclusive Education and barriers to learning, assisting educators to identify barriers to learning, collaboration with the relevant circuit and district teams, working with the School Management Teams and School Governing Bodies to develop a culture of inclusivity and extensive educator skills development in terms of Inclusive Education practice.

Vestas-Samuel NtsikoOutcome indicators are linked to the Department of Basic Education’s Action Plan – Towards the Realization of Schooling in 2030. These  include supporting schools through the implementation of Inclusive Education interventions to improve the retention of learners and reduce drop-out rates, raise awareness at the schools about the impact of the school environment on learning , exposing schools to Inclusive Education policy, supporting the schools to implement the policy as well as linking the schools to specialist support services and supporting school management and educators to promote access to education that benefits each child according to their abilities. In addition, educators will be supported to improve learner performance and to develop their teaching skills by implementing Inclusive Education practice.