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Our Resource Centre Library offers comprehensive information on many inclusion related topics, for example:

  • Inclusive Education in general;
  • Resources related to different types of disabilities;
  • Strategies for behaviour management;
  • Teaching strategies for diverse classrooms;
  • Articles of topical interest;
  • Biographies of educators and parents sharing their experience of raising / educating a child with special needs; and
  • Research studies from other developing countries.

Members can visit our library and browse through the wide variety of literature and visual aids available. Selected publications may be taken on out loan, subject to our library agreement. If you are unable to access our library, we would be happy to post or fax relevant information to you or, where possible, deliver resources to you. If you are interested in becoming a member sign up now.

Louder than words

by Jenny McCarthy
The remarkable story of one mother’s fight for her autistic son.

Abuse no more!

A training video for Educators showing how to identify abuse; how to handle disclosure; the referral procedures.


Published by Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) & New Africa Books
A multilingual collection of rhymes from South Africa

At School, What if?

Published by Mielie Books & ELRU
The books explore some tough subjects in an imaginative, child-friendly way and aim to support children in developing and deepening their understanding of human rights.

The Asperger’s Answer Book

By Susan Ashley
The Asperger’s Answer Book is a reassuring, authoritative reference for parents, families & educators, providing sound advice and immediate answers and information.

Everybody Dance!

A Teacher’s guide for teaching Dance in Arts & Culture (Foundation & Intermediate Phase). Teacher’s will enjoy watching this DVD!

Challenging ADHD

A DVD informing Foundation & Intermediate phase education about Attention Deficit & Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and empowering Educators to manage the behaviour and scholastic performance of learners who have ADHD.


The following report was prepared by a range of high level advocacy groups in the South African inclusive education and disability rights arena, known as the Right to Education for Children with Disabilities Alliance.  This is an alternative report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and was done in response to South Africa’s Baseline Country Report of March 2013.


Submission by Inclusive Education South Africa to the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education May 2017

Report on 2016 performance of Deaf learners in schools for the Deaf in South Africa

A report has just been released on the performance of Deaf learners in schools based on the 2016 Matric Results by Odette Swift from DeafSA.

The dismal 2016 matric results and limited access to post-school education opportunities for Deaf learners are a violation of human rights – Odette Swift, DeafSA

Find the report here. We encourage you to circulate this amongst your networks.


IESA Newsletter March 2017

We are excited to announce that we have released our first newsletter for 2017 highlighting issues concerning Inclusive Education in South Africa. In this month’s issue we take a look at the following topics:

  • Including Children with Visual Impairment
  • ECD Baseline Assessments
  • Lack of  place at schools
  • School Enrolment 2018

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Persona Doll Training
The Persona Doll approach is a practical and unthreatening way for adults and children to ‘unlearn’ prejudice and to promote psychosocial development.  We offer a unique training in this sensitive approach to enable individuals, groups and communities to address a board range of issues. These include issues around behaviour, racism, sexism, gender-based violence, HIV stigma, disibility stigma, cultural, faith and health issues, and bereavement.  We do this with the help and support of many partners and funders.  If you have any queries please email us:

Microlink’s Learning Access Suite is a unique suite of assistive technology software consisting of 8 applications. These include: Dragon Naturally Speaking, their speech recognition software; ClaroRead a quality tool that reads any text displayed on a computer screen; ClaroMindFull for creating and editing concept maps, and much more… Contact Danny 082 605 0009 or Joy 082 605 0048
National Department of Education’s Inclusive Education Learning space has the latest IE news, documents and resources.  You are invited to read and share views and experiences, as well as classroom tips and strategies, via the site’s notice board, blogs and newsletter. Special schools are also invited to share innovative practice.  Various print resources can be downloaded, including the Department’s new Strategy for Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support (SIAS) document.

Western Cape Education Department (WCED)
Information on services and events, as well as a useful find-a-school facility.

Shine Centre
The highly successful Shine Centre, started by volunteers at Observatory Junior School and now run at 6 schools across the peninsula, is an example of how extra support can be provided to learners at school without placing additional strain on the teaching staff. They are eager to assist other schools in starting similar initiatives, and have established the Shine Trust for funding in this regard.

Enabling Education Network
The Enabling Education Network provides access to a broad-based body of expertise and experience in the practise of inclusive education worldwide. EENet activities include the production of an annual newsletter (featured on the website), a publication of case studies, and an (online) service providing information and advice.

Shonaquip specialises in the design, manufacture, sale and support of a wide range of modular and custom-made seating systems, mobility devices and other assistive technology. Shonaquip is the National Service provider for assistive devices for the Department of Education.