What we do

Inclusive Education South Africa is a registered NPO that has, since 1995, been committed to promoting and supporting positive models of inclusive education in schools, preschools and other centres of learning in South Africa.

Our mission is to ensure that families, educators and service-providers of children experiencing barriers to learning have access to information, and are introduced to support networks and services that can facilitate inclusion into ordinary neighbourhood schools. This involves:

  • Challenging and changing attitudes towards inclusion in education.
  • Understanding inclusive education policy and its implications for the classroom setting.
  • Helping educators to deal with their fears, and sensitizing them to inclusion practices.
  • Informing educators and parents of support structures and resources.

We are committed to:

Working collaboratively with other organisations with similar aims and training objectives.
Working with all role-players within the education system – ECD practitioners, teachers in all phases of schooling, parents and related professionals such as therapists, school administrators, learning support teachers and district support staff.
Responding to expressed need and, where possible, targeting socially and geographically disadvantaged areas.


IESA’s vision is of an inclusive education system which recognises that ALL children have the right to meaningful participation in education.