What we do

Inclusive Education South Africa is a registered NPO that has, since 1995, been committed to promoting and supporting positive models of inclusive education in schools, preschools and other centres of learning in South Africa.

Our mission is to ensure that families, educators and service-providers of children experiencing barriers to learning have access to information, and are introduced to support networks and services that can facilitate inclusion into ordinary neighbourhood schools. This involves:

  • Challenging and changing attitudes towards inclusion in education..
  • Understanding inclusive education policy and its implications for the classroom setting.
  • Helping educators to deal with their fears, and sensitizing them to inclusion practices.
  • Informing educators and parents of support structures and resources.

We are committed to:

Working collaboratively with other organisations with similar aims and training objectives.
Working with all role-players within the education system – ECD practitioners, teachers in all phases of schooling, parents and related professionals such as therapists, school administrators, learning support teachers and district support staff.
Responding to expressed need and, where possible, targeting socially and geographically disadvantaged areas.

The organisation is overseen by an elected Management Committee.

Our office and project team are:

  • Director – Robyn Beere
  • Schools + Office Administrator – Jonene Johnson
  • Pojects Administrator – Alice Nqoko
  • Programme/Project Manager – Charlene Petersen
  • Operations/HR Manager– Jacqi Dudley
  • Senior Client Support Liaison and Information – Caroline Taylor
  • Client Support Liason and Information – Natalie Watlington
  • Senior Advancement Specialist – Nishen Naiker
  • Advancement Specialist – Farai Mushazhirwa
  • Facilitator – Kim Andreoli
  • Facilitator – Elize Coetzee
  • Facilitator – Zondani Zimba
  • Facilitator – Mpho Malesela
  • ECD Trainer/Facilitator – Ashleen Marcus
  • ECD Trainer/Facilitator – Cindy Engelbrecht-Olivier
  • ECD Trainer/Facilitator – Victoria Dlomo
  • Senior Project Facilitator/Advocacy Officer – Vanessa Japtha
  • Schools Project Facilitator/Trainer – Elsie Bulawa
  • Office Housekeeping – Portia Xaka

We also have a number of contract Training Facilitators which we engage on an ad-hoc project basis.

Inclusion Training & Workshops

IESA offers training on various aspects of inclusive education e.g. adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of learners, assessing barriers to learning and classroom interventions etc. to ECD Practitioners, Educators, SMT’s, Parents and other Service Providers.  Get more information on training and workshops.

Training can be tailored to your specific needs.

Information and Support

The staff at IESA’s Resource Centre continue to respond to a wide range of enquiries from parents, teachers, and other professionals regarding educational placement, special needs or support services.

We connect parents and professionals with others who have overcome similar challenges, or with organisations and people who may assist them further.

At times, more in-depth or long-term support is needed in the form of accompaniment or mediation on behalf of a parent or family and their child. Dedicated funding would allow us to extend this service, especially to low-income families.
Contact us regarding any queries you may have.

Our Resource Centre, based at our offices in Cape Town, offers information and advice about inclusive practice in general and provides support for parents, educators and other professionals working with learners with all types of special needs. Our library consists of a wealth of resources in the form of articles, books, DVDs / Videos, Manuals, academic and government papers and more, covering a vast range of topics under the Inclusive Education umbrella.

Inclusion Advocacy & Awareness

IESA disseminates information and creates awareness through various local and national print and broadcasting media..

Through our newsletter, open meetings, conferences presentations and exhibitions, we share our experiences of best practice and provide practical ways through which inclusion can be made possible..

We are committed to creating awareness and advocating for the rights of children with disabilities.

Workshops for Educators, ECD Practitioners & Parents


Training Available-2015[1]

Topics covered

We offer various workshops, ranging from a single 2 hour workshop to a series of training sessions given over a period of time. Venue, time, duration, and numbers can be organised in consultation with you, to suit the specific needs of your school or group.

Topics covered may include:

  • An introduction to Inclusive Education
  • Ons Praat Inklusie
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to learning and participation
  • Understanding multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • Differentiating the curriculum (A 2-part workshop for foundation and intermediate phase teachers on the use of learning styles and multiple intelligences to differentiate the curriculum in an inclusive classroom.)
  • Building partnerships with parents
  • Growing an inclusive school
  • Collaborative teaching
  • Developing Individual Support Plans (ISP), i.e. IEPs
  • Early identification and intervention
  • “Learning through Play” (A two-part workshop on the importance of play to children’s learning and development.)
  • “Sensory Integration” (Sensory Integration is aimed at helping the child’s brain to function more effectively. Better integration leads to a happier child with greater potential for learning. There are several techniques and sensory experiences that can be integrated into the child’s daily living tasks at home and at school.)

What does training cost?

We attempt to keep our training fees as low as possible in order to encourage as many participants to benefit as possible. 

Training rates for schools are available on request depending on the training required, duration and number of participants. 

Workshop rates vary please see below for costs of advertised forthcoming workshops.

Please note: IESA is a non-profit organisation, but we are willing to negotiate our costs to make our services available to all communities. Costs should not prevent you from requesting training.