World Teachers Day 2021

WCED celebrates World Teachers’ Day with a month-long campaign to thank our teachers
The 5th of October is World Teachers’ Day, a day on which teachers across the world are celebrated.
Throughout the month of October, the Western Cape Education Department will be acknowledging all our educators for making an ever-lasting impact on the lives of our learners, both past and present.
The teaching profession needs to be acknowledged for the important role it plays in the development and growth of any society. Teachers truly are the backbone of our society and should continuously be acknowledged for their contribution towards all the professions and occupations we have in our society today.
The WCED has launched a campaign with the hashtag #ThankATeacher, to encourage the public to thank a specific teacher that had an impact on their lives. We all remember a teacher(s) that affected our lives in a positive way, and we need to make sure our teachers know how much we appreciate this.