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Micha Weir, the mother of Liam Weir, shares below how the German International School Cape Town DSK and one of the teachers have made a difference in their son’s schooling.

“The DSK is including our son Liam with Down Syndrome since 2016.  He is happily and proudly included now as Grade 9c class member.  Liam is thriving and learning proof that inclusion is the best for our children, the whole school, and our community.  

When Liam started his inclusion at the school, many people were very nervous.  Mr. Pandit, as Liam’s Grade 8 class teacher last year, embraced the challenge from the first moment and with his respect, encouragement broke down every barrier.  He was a role model for the school community but also realised and promoted how Liam and inclusion changed his classmates and that school environment for the better.

I spoke with one of his classmates. She also pointed out how her teacher, Mr. Pandit, got the whole class – and with that the whole school – totally excited about Liam’ inclusion. His enthusiasm and support ignited a spark of empathy and respect and had such a great influence on the school.

When Speaking to Mr. Pandit, he himself says that Liam changed the whole atmosphere in his class. In grade eight,  learners are so “cool” and untouched, but Liam turned even the coolest “dude” into a caring and respectful human being. BUT I still feel you need a teacher as committed as Mr. Pandit to ignite such a change.”


  • Thelma Mort

    Wonderful that this teacher, Mr Pandit, oversaw this inclusion with his great enthusiasm and sensitivity. And a great tribute from a parent. We need more schools in South Africa to learn from this example, but in order to do so successfully they need to be sensitized.

  • E McGill

    Mr. Pandit is a really special teacher + person! So wonderful to read such an article about ‘our school’, the DSK. I’m sure these teens have learnt more for life by having Liam as classmate than a thousand words could teach them.

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