UNDERSTANDING SIAS – The Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support Policy

In 2014, the Department of Basic Education issued a policy document – The Screening, Identification,
Assessment and Support Policy (SIAS) – to provide a framework with which to standardise the
procedures to identify, assess and provide programmes for all learners who require additional
support to enhance their participation and inclusion in school.

The SIAS policy is aimed at improving access to quality education for:

                            Vulnerable learners who experience barriers to learning, including learners in ordinary and
                            special schools. Barriers may include family disruption, language, the impact of poverty,
                            learning difficulties, disability, large classes and an inflexible curriculum.

                            Children who are of compulsory school-going age and youth who may be out of school or
                            have never enrolled in a school due to their disability or other barriers to access.
                            The policy includes a protocol as well as a set of official forms to be used by teachers, School
                            Based Support Teams (SBST) and District Based Support Teams (DBST).  

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