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Our Mission

To ensure that families, educators and service-providers of children experiencing barriers to learning have access to information, and are introduced to support networks and services that can facilitate inclusion into ordinary neighbourhood schools.

Our Commitment:

To work collaboratively with other organisations with similar aims and training objectives.
To work with all role-players within the education system – ECD practitioners, teachers in all phases of schooling, parents and related professionals such as therapists, school administrators, learning support teachers and district support staff.
To respond to expressed needs and, where possible, targeting socially and geographically disadvantaged areas.

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As a membership organization we benefit tremendously from your diverse experiences, interests and shared inclusion journeys.  As a member your voice is added to our collective advocacy efforts which aims to heighten awareness of EVERY child’s rights in an inclusive education system. 

We trust that as a member you will benefit from being a part of our organization and enjoy access to:

  • Inclusion on our mailing list to receive bi-monthly newsletters, invitations to networking meetings and information of interest from other service providers
  • Up to date information and resources regarding IE policy and practices from our team of professionals who work in ECD centres and schools
  • Priority and discounted rates for IESA’s training opportunities (CPTD accreditation)
  • Guidance and assistance around support plans and strategies for children experiencing barriers to learning or specific disabilities.

Please join us in becoming part of a growing call for an inclusive education system that puts care and support at the centre of all our schools and early education centres, and allows ALL children to become the best that they can be.  We welcome you on board!


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